I’m so sorry, so please just go away

I said sorry, so please go away.

You’re only a figment of my imagination-

A cruel, crude copy of someone more than 2000 miles away;

But you know too well how to guilt trip me.

Over and over again,

You get into the deepest of my wounds

To remind what happened that day with you.

I did nothing wrong, and the same with you-

(I mean, the real you,)

But I’m having to suffer over and over again at the

Imaginary awkwardness, pain, embarrassment, lonliness that I felt in my head

This helps me and my life zero percent.

I said I’m so sorry. Please accept that and go away.

Six little pills

Six little pills a day

Keep the bad thoughts away

And supposedly make me a normal human again.

One orange and blue two-toned capsule to make me happy-

(When I should be.)

One itsy bitsy blue one to make me more active-

(When I should be.)

A white and three round pink ones to make me mellow, but not too mellow-

Mellow enough to forget that there ever was a choice besides life.

Six little pills a day

That remind me that life is just a chemical reaction

And free will? Just another dream.